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Sunday, March 3, 2019

How Does Flipkart BuyBack Guarantee Works?

Learn all the conditions on how to avail Flipkart BuyBack Guarantee and see for yourself if this feature will work for you.

Are you the type of smartphone user who wants the latest handset device in the market as often as possible? Unfortunately, you do not always have enough cash to get that latest mobile device and so you end up waiting a little bit more. Here is a solution to your problem, the Flipkart Buyback Guarantee is here to make your budget issue a lot easier. Read on and we will tell you everything here all about the Flipkart Buyback Guarantee.

FlipKart BuyBack Guarantee

What is Flipkart BuyBack Guarantee?

Flipkart BuyBack Guarantee is a sort of scheme where you buy a mobile device plus an extra policy price to avail the Buyback Guarantee. The policy enables the customer to get a fixed price buyback guarantee for the smartphone device that he/she purchased. No matter what the market value of the same handset (lower or higher value), the already settled price will stay the same on that device.

Clauses and Conditions:

  • To avail of Flipkart’s Buyback Guarantee, you must purchase the product from Flipkart.
  • Before completing the purchase on Flpkart website, the customer must also avail the BuyBack Guarantee policy within the Flipkart platform. Otherwise, there is no way you can avail of the Flipkart Buyback Guarantee anymore.
  • You can only use your Buyback Guarantee policy on smartphone that exceeds your own handsets discounted rate. That means if your new chosen smartphone costs lower than the discounted rate, the policy will not take effect or not valid.
  • The smartphone device must not have a damaged screen and is currently in a working condition. Otherwise, the Buyback Guarantee policy will not be allowed to take effect nor it is going to be availed.
  • Aside from the main handset device, all the accessories and the box itself should be in good condition. If it is already damaged or missing one accessory, the Buyback guarantee policy will not be allowed to be used or the full value of the Fliplart Buyback guarantee will not take effect.
  • The smartphone device that you are using the registered BuyBack policy should not be older than 6-8 months or depends on the duration of the BuyBack Guarantee that you availed.
  • You can always use BuyBack Guarantee for every smartphone you purchase. So while you claim your previous BuyBack Guarantee policy for the new smartphone, you can purchase a new BuyBack Guarantee for that new smartphone as well.

Step by step instructions How to Avail and Claim

  1. Upon buying your smartphone, whether regular priced, NO Cost EMI, or discounted, the Flipkart BuyBack Guarantee should also be purchased. That means you are going to pay some extra to avail of this scheme.
  2. As soon as your smartphone device is delivered to you, the duration of your Buyback Guarantee will start to count. So if you bought a Flipkart BuyBack guarantee that is only good for six months then you must claim the BuyBack Guarantee within the six months period.
  3. If you want to claim your BuyBack Guarantee for a new smartphone device of your choosing, go to that product page of that smartphone within the Flipkart app.
  4. Choose the Flipkart BuyBack Guarantee Policy next to the product picture.
  5. Verify all the details regarding your handset. That includes the overall condition of the phone. As mentioned above, your phone must be in good condition for the BuyBack Guarantee to take effect. Otherwise, the deal is off  for that device.
  6. Once done checking and verifying your device, place your order and complete the purchase.
  7. In the next day or so, Flipkart will send a representative to pick up your handset device for verification. So the whole process will be easy and convenient for you as Flipkart will do all the heavy lifting for the whole transaction.
  8. If your handset passed the quality check, your new smartphone will arrive at your doorstep as soon as possible.

Here is a short infographic on how to use Flipkart BuyBack Guarantee on your purchase. This is as simple as it gets.

Flipkart buyback guarantee infographic

Final Thought

While all of that paperwork and marketing is sounding so good, we wonder if Flipkart lives up to its promises on this scheme. Just like how it is doing with Flipkart Smartbuy feature. So now, we have a question for you our fellow Flipkart customers. What is your experience with Flipkart BuyBack Guarantee services feature? Is it worth it? Is the pricing for BuyBack Guarantee fair for your old handset device?

Tell us what you think and share your experiences about Flipkart BuyBack Guarantee in the comment section so that other customers would know how this new scheme works. And don’t forget to check out updates about the highly anticipated Flipkart Big Billion Sale and flipkart internship happening later this year.

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