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Friday, February 15, 2019

Flinternship: Student Flipkart Internship 2019

Flipkart has an internship program for on-campus students. You should take this opportunity if your campus gets visited by Flipkart. If you’re interested here is how to signup.

The youth of today are the ones that hold the future. So Flipkart has launched a program to help mold the young minds and ensure the promise of a brighter tomorrow. This program is called Flipkart internship or in millennial’s term, the Flinternship.

Flinterns of Flipkart

What is Flipkart Internship?

The Flipkart internship aka Flinternship is an internship program to help out students get a positive experience, learn the present trade, and get the general outlook on how e-commerce works. And with Flipkart setting the example, this is an opportunity for the young aspirants that they should not say no to.

Flipkart is taking interns strictly from on-campus students. So that is unfortunate for the off-campus youngsters who are interested in taking an internship for Flipkart.

Flipkart internship basically covers both Computer Engineering internship and Managerial internship. But some instances, they accept other students from different courses if they can demonstrate skills related to what the company is looking for.

How to apply for Flinternship?

Basically, you have to be a student on the campus or university that Flipkart is visiting. So when Flipkart arrives at your campus doorstep, you may apply for the internship.

Once you applied, you will be given some programming tests. And if you pass that test, you will be shortlisted for interview.

The interview may sound like a work in the park but it is not. Be warned. Flipkart’s hiring committee are strict and they tackle both skill and personality territory. So as much as you showcase an outstanding skill set, if your personality is such a negative let down, you might not get into the program.

The Benefits of Flinternship

As prestigious as the Flipkart goes, you can expect that the benefits including compensation will be lucrative. Once you passed the tests and the interviews, these are the things that you can expect.

  • Summer Internship in Flipkart for 2 months
  • Great pay
  • Supportive mentor system
  • Fun and professional workplace
  • A certificate to prove that it all happened
  • A new family with similar interest


Challenging Environment

When you become a Flintern, expect that you will experience real-life challenges. Be competitive in a positive way and push your boundaries for improvement.

Flipkart Environment

All the projects that you will do or do together will be your own. Yes, Flipkart will entitle you the ownership on whatever you create inside their program. So you can take pride in your own creativity. Or if it is a team effort, celebrate your teamwork for your ingenuity.

Real Mentors

Each Flintern will be assigned with one mentor that will see them through in every step of the way. This will ensure that the mentee will imbibe all the positive qualities of being a true entrepreneur.

Flipkart Team

Fun while working

Like the popular saying would say, “All fun and no work make a dull boy”. In Flipkart, working and being fun comes side by side. That is because creativity is stimulated with a positive and inspiring environment. And in Flipkart, that is what their goal. To make sure that every Flintern will have more reason to work hard and come up with a new and better solution for the company and other people as well.

Are you a student on campus? Are you interested to be a Flipkart Intern as well? If you are, then when Flipkart comes to your school, don’t let the opportunity just pass you by. Grab it quick and make the most out of it.

For more information, you may contact the Flipkart support center.

In today’s question, what do you think about Flipkart Internship program or Flinternship? If you have been on Flinternship as well, tell us your experience. Is it really as positive as people would say? Share us your experience in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.

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